Annyeong haseyo! Joneun CRAZYEOJA imnida. I just want to tell you about new boy band, named BOYFRIEND.

They debut is yesterday (26/5/2011) with they songs “BOYFRIEND” at MNet.

BoyFriend with song "BoyFiend"



Well, I guess their debut yesterday seemed successful, because when they sang I heard a lot of yelling. People shout out Boy Friend named I guess. kekeke~ Oh ya, I almost forgot. There are six members of this group:  Kim Donghyun, Jo Kwangmin, Jo Youngmin, No Minwoo, Hyunseung, and Lee Jeongmin. And I heard TNT, someone from Thailand, will become a member of BoyFriend. but when debut and at the MV, there’s no him. I think it just a rumored or… maybe he’s still training under Starship Entertainment? kekeke~ I guess…

Well, here’s what we’ve been waiting for….. MEMBER’s PROFILE ~(^o^)~


Kim DongHyun

BoyFriend's Leader




Name: DongHyun (동현)

D.O.B:  February 12, 1989

Height: 177 cm




Jo Kwangmin

The Eldest Twin, Kwangmin




Real Name: Kwangmin (광민)

D.O.B: April 24, 1995

Height: 180cm



Jo Youngmin

The Youngest Twin, Youngmin




Real Name: Youngmin (영민 )

D.O.B: April 24, 1995

Height: 180cm



Lee Jeongmin





Real Name: Jeongmin (정민)

D.O.B: January 2, 1994

Height: (unknown a.k.a I don’t know, mianhae)





No Minwoo





Real Name: Minwoo (민우)

D.O.B: July 31, 1995

Height: 174 cm









Real Name: Hyunseong (현성)

D.O.B: June 3, 1993

Height: (unknown a.k.a I don’t know)










Official Twitter BoyFriend: @G_BoyFriend

okeeee…. see you later 🙂 hope you enjoy~

oh ya, for a while, fandom still not official. someone say “GirlFriend” but, what if the fans is boy? LOL~

I don’t know. Well, if I know something, I’ll post it 🙂 I hope this can help you, guys.

PS: Saya lupa lihat dimana. Tapi ada yang bilang, ada anggota namanya Yunho .__. Tapi saya gak tahu dia yang mana orangnya. Yang jelas, bukan Yunho U-Know itu .__. Oke. Sampai sini dulu.